Piolo Pascual plans to get married in 5 years

Piolo intends to find suitable mate and get married in 5 years,
“I believe everyone has a destined partner from the time he was born,” Piolo asserts. “I’m constantly searching and looking. I’m patiently waiting for someone whom God will give to me.”
Piolo already has a plan when the time comes, Piolo says he wants to slow down from showbiz and just focus in his family. “The five remaining years of my bachelorhood,

I will work hard and save up,” he grants. “Then, when I’ve found the right girl, I will ask her to marry me and I will work at having a family.”
Piolo also said tha his ideal girl should be God-fearing , has the same interest as his, and comfortable wih him around. “If I sense that she is the woman given to me by the lord, I won’t waste a second to propose to her”.

Piolo wants his wedding to be as private as possible, “I don’t want to break the solemnity of the occasion by turning my wedding into a circus,” Piolo says. “I want to enjoy every minute of it. The atmosphere has to be light and there should be no pressure. I cried during Claudine’s (Barretto) wedding. She and Raymart (Santiago) were both so sincere and heartfelt when they said their marriage vows. The entire ceremony was so beautiful.”

The ideal, if not perfect honeymoon for Piolo is in a place where he and his partner haven’t been to. “I love going to Europe, but it’s got to be some place we can both experience and explore,” he says. “That way, the honeymoon will be memorable for both of us.”

He plans of having four more kids, now that he has a 10-year-old son, Iñigo, who is studying in Los Angeles. He finds time to visit and bond with Iñigo every time he goes on a US concert tour. Meanwhile, he always saves up for the annual Asian vacation with his family.
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